Franck Herval Lovely range  necklace

Franck Herval Lovely range necklace

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The jewel lives with the woman who wears it, following her through all her moods and desires; that’s why we like to create pieces of different styles, to be mixed together, to be combined with one another. But, you ask yourself, how do these pretty words actually influence the style of our jewels?

Franck Herval jewellery finds an exquisite balance between a certain finesse, an elegance and a whole world of colour; and it’s this balance that brings such zest to our creations. What characterises us? We don’t like monotony!

All the pieces in the collections are handmade and designed by Manuelle, the French designer at Franck Herval.
Each piece of jewelry is unique and can offer variations in tones compared with the pictures.

The shape and assemble a plethora of different components: natural materials such as stone, mother of pearl, bone, and horn, as well as metal, glass beads, ceramic, resin, fabric, rhinestones and countless others.
Earrings are made of silver plated metal(guaranteed 3 to 5 microns) or metal (gold plated metal). The metal base is brass or tin and guaranteed nickel and lead free in accordance with current regulations.